Rutland Art Ramble

Rutland Art Ramble

Downtown Rutland to Become Outdoor Museum

Residents and visitors to Rutland may notice a new series of “Rutland Art Ramble” signs on windows along the streets of our familiar city. The signs point to art exhibitions throughout the city, designed to enliven, challenge and entertain.

“’Rutland Art Ramble’” is a collaboration between organizations dedicated to fostering the arts and artists throughout the Rutland region. Many downtown business owners have lent store windows, so anyone walking in the city will be able to enjoy a wide variety of works including sculpture, painting, video and installation.

Rutland Art Ramble is confirmation of the fact that, although we may be facing hardship, our city is as vital as ever. During this period of social distancing, anxiety and upheaval is when we need art most. ‘Rutland Art Ramble’ brings art to the streets, where we can all enjoy it.

Rutland Art Ramble organizers think of it as an outdoor museum, offering a new venue for art and design that highlights the extraordinary talent and tenacity of the organizations and artists who are our community partners, neighbors and friends: the Carving Studio, Castleton U. Bank Gallery, the Chaffee Art Center, The MINT, Stone Valley Arts, Vermont Creative Network* and 77ART.

*Vermont Creative Network is a broad collective of organizations, businesses, and individuals working to advance Vermont’s creative sector, recognizing that arts and culture significantly bolster the local economy and are at the heart of Vermont’s identity.