Whatever your skills, interest or time availability chances are there is a volunteer opportunity for you at the Chaffee Art Center. The Chaffee hosts events and programs year-round, many on evenings and weekends.

For “behind-the-scenes” volunteer positions and internships, we ask for a commitment of at least two months of regular involvement. Special events, opening receptions and for one-time opportunities we do not require such a time commitment.

Please fill out the following Volunteer form, so that we may best place you in a volunteer position. Chaffee Art Center Volunteer Form

Contact us if you have questions about volunteering with us.  Call (802) 775-0356 or email [email protected].

Volunteer Descriptions Listed Below:

Gallery Greeter

Description: Gallery Sitters are the front line of the organization; welcomes visitors, answers general questions, assists with sales, answers phone and takes messages when needed.

In addition to watching the gallery there may be tasks such as mailings, light cleaning, organizing, phone call reminders, solicitations, informational, and other light operational assistance.

Skills Desired: Personable people who like to interact with the public, willing to learn about the Chaffee and current exhibits, comfort and willingness to be trained to execute sales. Comfort with computers would be helpful to assist with calendar updates. Willingness to learn elements of our database a plus.

Times Sought: During gallery hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Noon to 4pm, & Saturday, 10am to 2pm.  There are also classes and programming offered during evenings. Looking for weekly or monthly volunteers.

Exhibit Installations & Exhibit Transition Volunteers

Description: For exhibit installation volunteers, we seek those with an artistic and design eye, with attention to detail to assist with hanging an exhibit in a visually pleasing way.

Installation volunteers will measure appropriate spacing, install and hammer in proper hanging devices, hang the artwork, as well as assistance with re-adjusting the lights when needed.

Exhibit Transition volunteers help with the take down and preparatory work for a new exhibit. Work includes carefully removing artwork from wall and packaging when needed, removal of hanging devices, filling in and painting holes or wear to walls.

Skills Desired: Exhibit Installation & Exhibit Transition requires individuals to be able to lift up to 25lbs safely, comfortable with using a ladder at times, ability to use basic carpentry tools. Willing to be trained on proper handling of art and hanging.

Times Sought: Installation and transition occur during the two to five days between exhibits.

General Maintenance

Description: There are a variety of general maintenance duties to the historic Chaffee Art Center building.  This could be volunteering weekly to do general cleaning, lawn care, organizing tasks or it could be an individual who champions a singular task to complete regularly.

Various tasks needed are cleaning (dusting, mopping, bathrooms, galleries, classrooms, porch), property up-keep (mowing, weed whacking, raking, snow removal, developing south and back landscaping, painting the porch, etc).

Skills Desired: Ability to take on a task to completion, specific skills dependent upon tasks. Training may or may not be required depending on knowledge and task.

Times Sought: Some outdoor maintenance could happen at the conveniences of the volunteer. Other tasks are weather dependent such as snow removal.  Additional tasks would be scheduled.

Office & Marketing Volunteers

Description: Office volunteers would perform both computer and non-computer tasks such as filing, mailings, database assistance, cataloging and filing of historic materials. Also assist with phones calls or emails if needed, along with Art in the Park files and correspondences.

  Marketing volunteers would assist with marketing efforts including submitting Chaffee classes/events to calendar listings, assistance with website or social media updates, distribution of posters/brochures/signs, and other tasks as assigned.

Desired Skills: Organizational skills and able to follow set formats.  Personable as interact with public when needed.  Nice handwriting a plus. Basic computer skills for database, updates, & cataloging. Willingness to be trained in Chaffee organizational systems. Comfortable on the phone.  Working knowledge of adobe creative suite a plus.

Times Sought: During open hours. Times also available when classes are scheduled.

Committee Volunteers

Fundraising Committee Volunteer

Description: Assist with the development and direct solicitation of donations, sponsorships, community collaborations, and funding for the organization. Work with a collective of other committed volunteers to meet goals and help the organization grow.

Art in the Park Committee Volunteer

Description: Assist with the planning of the Art in the Park Festivals. This would include solicitation of new vendors, working during the events, assisting with the solicitation of sponsors, in-kind donations, and event day volunteers.

Committee Volunteer Desired Skills: Personable and unafraid to ask & solicit on behalf of the Chaffee.  Willing to volunteer regularly and attend committee meetings. Training not necessary just a willingness to put in the effort and try.

Committee Volunteer Time Sought: Attend set committee meetings. Help during events. Able to work on your own time to solicit support.

Event & Outreach Volunteers

Description: Event volunteers assist on the day of the event. This includes set-up & cleanup of events, help with Exhibit Opening Receptions including food offerings, set up, greeting attendees, clean up. Also greeters at gates during Art in the Park.

Outreach volunteers will represent the Chaffee at various community, information, or networking events.  This includes set up of Chaffee tables with information and/or art activities at these events.

Desired Skills: Dependable and comfortable with answering questions or referring individuals to those that do. Comfortable with working with others.Training not necessary but a brief description for specific event may aide in understanding.

Times Sought: Dependent upon event times but often it is a 2 to 3 hour commitment per event.

Other Special Events & Projects

  • Bi-annual top to bottom cleaning event
  • Attic & Barn cleaning day
  • Landscaping project days
  • Phone-a-thons & Mass Mailings
  • Various Holiday & Event Decorations
  • In-kind Service Volunteers (i.e. plowman offers to plow, graphic designer offers free design work, artist volunteer to teach, etc.)
  • Poster, Sign, Brochure Distribution
  • Website assistance
  • Education Volunteers (assist setting up and during classes)
  • Personal Fundraiser hosts which benefit the Chaffee

Please fill out the following Volunteer form, so that we may best place you in a volunteer position. Chaffee Art Center Volunteer Form

Contact us if you have questions about volunteering with us.  Call (802) 775-0356 or email [email protected].