Birthday Parties at the Chaffee

Birthday Parties at the Chaffee

Did you know you can have your birthday party at the Chaffee? Check out the options offered below:

Party Package Options

Birthday Party Room Rental = $150
• (1.5 hours, 15 people)
• Set up and Clean up Rentee responsibility
• Non-refundable deposit of $50 due upon booking.

BRONZE = $200
• Includes room 1.5 hours with 15 people
• art project
• gallery tour with history facts hunt
• set up and clean up

SILVER= $275
• Includes room 1.5 hours with 15 people
• digital party invites
• birthday decorations, art project, gallery
• tour with history facts hunt
• cake
• drinks
• paper goods
• set up and clean up

GOLD= $350
• Includes room 2 hours with 15 people
• digital party invites
• themed decorations
• art project
• gallery tour with history facts hunt
• cake
• drinks
• paper goods
• set up and clean up

Party Options $35 each:
• Birthday decorations (to include color choice of streamers and table covers)
• Artist designed party invites in digital format with 15 printed copies
• Cake serving 15-20
• Drinks & Paper goods
• Arts project
• Gallery tour with historical facts fun hunt
• Tea Party or Pizza Party

Other Add-ons:
• Balloons (15) $25
• Over 15 attendees $10 per person
• 30 minutes additional time $50
• Themed decorations $50
• Photographs taken and sent digitally to Rentee $50

Themes, Themes, Themes!

Kids Themes:
• Fantasy Land
• World of Discovery
• Back to Nature
• It’s a Jungle in Here
• Winter Wonderland
• Customize (may include additional fees)

• Mandala painting
• Painting on canvas
• Craft project
• Create with food
• Plantings
• Create with lego
• Customized (may include additional fees)

Back In the Day …

Housed in a magnificent, beautifully preserved Queen Anne Voctorian mansion, the Chaffee is listed on both the Nation and State Registers of Historic Places. Built in 1895 by George Thrall Chaffee, a prominent Rutland businessman, “Sunny Gables” features a variety of European and Middle-Eastern architectural styles popular at the time amongst wealthy Americans who were fortunate enough to have traveled extensively. 

Its distinctive features include the Syrian arch front entrance, a first floor of locally machine cut marble blocks, a three-story corner tower with gothic windows and an elegant porte cochere. Sunny Gables interior is no less spectacular, boasting elaborate parquet floors and elegant mouldings: trim cut from birds’ eye maple and tiger oak, and an asymmetrical floor plan typical of the Queen Anne style.

It is interesting to note that the Chaffees were one of the first families in Rutland to enjoy central heating, gas lighting, and indoor plumbing. The Chaffee family exerted considerable influence in the city of Tutland, and George Thrall Chaddee was closely identified with almost every phase of its business, financial, political, religious, and fraternal life. In particular, George’s business interests included ownership of a lumber company, foundry, machine shop, department store, and the Rutland Playhouse (Paramount Theater). Additionally, he held investments in banking, and the booming train and transportation industry. 

In the 1930s, the Chaffees moved out of Sunny Gables and the building remained uninhabited until 1961 when the family loaned it to the Rutland Area Art Association for the purpose of seasonally exhibiting the work of Vermont artists. In 1982, the building was purchased by what is now known as the Chaffee Art Center, and four years later became a year-round visual arts center.

Our Mission:
We believe in the arts. We feature artistic talent and foster creativity in a classic 19th century mansion.

Our Vision:
The Chaffee Art Center is THE destination for artists and art enthusiasts.

Founded in 1961
The Rutland Area Art Association Inc. is a 501 (c)3 not for profit organization.