A 40 x 46 foot section of knotweed was excavated by Kurt Hathaway, as well as a 100 x 9 foot area, and a 60 x 18 foot area. Markowski Excavating donated topsoil.

So far we have planted a section of native plants and bushes measuring 100 x 9 feet with many, many volunteers … thanks to you all! A trellis fence will be installed behind it in the coming weeks.

A 70 foot section of trellis fencing has been installed (Thanks to GE Volunteers). And more native plants and bushes planted in front of it.

Along with all that, we are sprucing up and planting in the 3 gardens close to the back of the mansion … one is becoming a rain garden complete with its own potting bench.  Another is almost finished and will be the butterfly garden. The third is getting a new spirea bush and hostas with a few bright annuals.

The Rutland Garden Club has for years done their magic with the front four gardens closest to Route 7. We are adding some plants and bushes to those closest to the front of the mansion as well.

Thank you to the Rutland County Audubon Society for the grant to purchase the native plants and bushes. The grant will also allow us to get signage and markers for the gardens.

We are still going to need mulch, more topsoil and help with this project.

We would love to have help with weeding and keeping these amazing gardens looking spectacular! Please let us know if you can … [email protected]; 802-775-0356