Current Exhibit

Current Exhibit

Going Up the Country

Exhibit of art, craft, clothing, film and other offerings that represent the creativity, activism and accomplishments of the young people, both native and transplant, who were loosely part of the “counterculture” and have contributed to the cultural life of Vermont, beginning in the 1960s and extending into today. The exhibit also allows me to publicly thank some of the people who contributed their stories to my book, Going Up the Country.

The exhibit will include woodcut prints from Mary Azarian, paintings and sculpture from Susan and Patrick Farrow, film from Jay Craven, my painted, embroidered and silk-screened clothing, photographic and computer-manipulated art from John Douglas, pottery from Susan Leader and Andy Snyder, educational material from the Whipple Hollow Cannery in West Rutland, posters and puppets from Bread and Puppet.

The exhibit will run from September 20 to November 1. It will include evening events every Friday but one. These will feature book readings, music with Bruce White, the Saltash Serendaders and Sen. Dick McCormack, spoken word and music with poet Verandah Porche and Patty Carpenter. We’ll also have talks surrounding the issues of the era.

In organizing the exhibit, I wanted to bring the sensory experience of what I wrote about to the public. For example, filmmaker John Douglas went to North Vietnam with our former poet laureate Grace Paley during the Vietnam War to interview the people in the north about the impact of the war on them. John began his interest in film when he traveled to Mississippi in the mid-1960s to interview black farm workers laboring almost as slaves long after emancipation. His film from that trip shows the workers as they organize to become independent. He now uses his art to explore gun violence and threats to the environment.

Sherri Birkheimer Rooker
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