Lynn PrattArtist/Painter

After having a career as an architect Lynn switched gears and started watercolor painting in 2013. She is now a full time professional artist and a signature member in the Vermont Watercolor Society and North East Watercolor Society. Lynn displays her work at local art shows and fairs throughout the year as well as international exhibits and galleries. She teaches watercolor classes for children and adults at all levels and does many commissioned works including people and pet portraits.

Ann McFarren – Artist/Painter

For over 40 years, I have painted the Vermont landscape with its trees, mountains; its many brooks and lakes; all liberally sprinkled with charming little villages. I can never resist the call of the back roads and where they might lead. I am also drawn to the sea; more specifically the coast of Maine. For many years I have been going there; observing and trying to capture the many moods of that rugged coast.

Christine Holzschuh – Artist/Painter

I have been influenced by Sean Dye’s beautiful colors, Karin Jurick’s amazing ability to capture a moment in time with accuracy and punctuation, Carol Marine’s exciting brushstrokes and understanding of value and I have learned about color theory from Jane Neroni and benefited from her friendship and mentoring. I have always wanted to paint and was fortunate enough to have a mother who was and is a masterful artist who brought the world to me in living color and always encouraged me. I am dedicated to painting every day and improving through workshops with the above artists and others.

Kathryn Palmer-Wiegers – Artist/Painter

Kathryn is responsible for several Rutland murals, including “Batman” on the Griffin Building, and the recently installed “Elephant” located near the entrance to the bus garage on West Street. There are several others, including one on the side of the Rutland Co-op building on Wales Street, one on Center Street, and two on Merchants Row.

Jennie Johanassen – Artist/Painter

I began photo painting in 2005 when my oldest daughter needed to raise money for a trip to Iowa with Odyssey of the Mind.  At that time, I limited myself to painting portraits.  As I became more familiar with the techniques, I realized I could use this approach to alter photographs in interesting ways.  Photos of mediocre quality in and of themselves could become far more interesting with the application of a little paint!

Although I have branched out into other artistic mediums, I still enjoy finding new ways to interpret an old photo with a little coat of fresh paint.

Mareva Millac – Artist/Painter

Mareva Millarc was born in Hollywood, California in 1954. She now lives in Middletown Springs, Vermont with her husband Peter Huntoon, also an artist.

Largely self-taught, Millarc began painting representationally in 2007; however, her true passion would soon steer her toward abstraction.

Finding inspiration from Richard Diebenkorn, Arshile Gorky and her late father, William Millarc, she begins each piece by applying random marks on the painting surface. This helps establish the foundation where a network of bold line work, geometric shapes and energetic colors harmonize to express mood and emotion.

Stephanie DeSimone – Yoga Instructor

Yoga opened a door of insight for Stefanie into the care of mind, body, and spirit in her first year of college. After practicing all throughout college and naturally having a yearn for teaching, she completed her 200 hour YTT through Dragonfly Yoga Barn in Sandwhich, New Hampshire. A full time art teacher during the year, she has decided to use her summer to bring as much yoga to the local peoples as possible. She teaches locally at a few other studios and gyms in the area so it is easy to find her!

In Stefanie’s classes, expect to leave with a level of integrity and awareness of self. Her classes provide you a space to create and discover awareness and strength within by activating your own body physically, and spiritually through movement, sound, and breath. Stefanie anticipates you to leave your mat with dignity and honor for yourself and your practice!

Gabrielle HaywardArtist/ Art Therapist

You could describe me as an artist with many mediums. During my Art Therapy/Counseling pursuit, I began to understand the importance of self-care. I recently began creating Mandala Stones and found that the process is unbelievably relaxing. The stones I find are from my home town, on the beaches of Cape Cod and within river beds of Vermont. I would love to share this experience and process with you!

Marbella BarajasArtist

Marbella has been practicing henna tattooing for 6 years and is self-taught. She was born and raised in Monterey Bay area, California. Therefore, she made a move out East as a senior in college a year ago. She’s currently a research psychology major at Castleton University. Also, Marbella is a big advocate for wellness in mind, body, and soul. Her future goals are to create scientific supported knowledge of holistic health methods.

Susan Houghton – Certified level 2 reiki practitioner

certified level 2 reiki practitioner, certified animal reiki practitioner, and gemstone healer.

Reiki is a hands on and off energy healing that is beneficial for physical and emotional pain.  For humans and animals, it helps the body heal more quickly after surgery and can help with anxiety and fear. Reiki is a spiritual healing art and is the life energy that flows through every living being. The life force flows through the body through ones chakras and meridians. Each chakra controls certain organs. When they become blocked or too open, certain health issues can appear. Reiki helps remove these blocks and close off chakras that are too open so that healing can take place.

Rob Henrichon Musician, Business freelancer, Web design/ developer, Coder

With a passion for music, Rob attended the Berklee School of Music, and Orange Coast community college with a major in music. He is an R&B guitar expert, Jazz guitar, and has a love for composing as well! Not only is he a lover of music, Rob has skills in computer software, website development, and owns a freelance business, On Track Interactive. Rob welcomes all new challenges and thrives in challenging situations.

Taylor Morneau- doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Taylor became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate in November 2017, and began building her essential oils business through sharing oils and educating others on the many uses and benefits of essential oils for natural solutions.  Soon after, she created Soul Compassion, Essential Oils to offer essential oil memberships, education, and consultation to others.
Taylor is certified in doTERRA’s AromaTouch Technique and hopes to share this modality with the community to help people with stress reduction, immune support, inflammatory response, and achieve homeostasis. Taylor incorporates intentional energy healing throughout the AromaTouch Technique experience to connect with her client on an energetic level and to enhance their overall wellness.