Chaffee’s New Executive Director and Board of Directors

Chaffee’s New Executive Director and Board of Directors
NEW Board of Directors & Slate of Officers
Dr. Jennifer Scott
College of St. Joseph

Vice President
Theresa Haywood
Castleton Family Health Center
Jenelle Daly, CPA
McCormack Guyette & Associates
Brian Farnum
Mill River High School Teacher / Brian Farnum Photography

Debra Bennett
Alison McCullough Real Estate, Inc.

Janelle Faignant
Freelance Writer

Mary Rachel Keyser
Keyser Energy

Veronica Raley
GrantSolutions, LLC

Hope Rogers
Green Mountain Power

Glenn Scott
Rutland Regional Medical Center

The Chaffee Art Center is pleased to announce that Sherri Birkheimer Rooker is the new Executive Director. 

Sherri has had a long history of involvement with the Chaffee and in the Rutland Region having lived in Rutland since 1988 after graduating from St. Michael’s College.  We are excited and confident that the future looks bright! 

[Reprinted from the 6/19/19 Annual Report]

A Message from the heART,

As I sit down to write this letter to all of our members, Board of Directors both past and present, volunteers, people who have been a part of the Chaffee community and staff, my heART is filled with gratefulness.  I am grateful for the friendships and the people I have been fortunate to have met along the way that have shown what a difference working together for a common purpose can make.

My heart is also filled with pride, and love of the arts and of the Chaffee Art Center.  As most of you know, I returned to the Chaffee in May of 2018 after a 7 year hiatus.  Previous to that, I was fortunate to have coordinated 30 (now 32) Art in the Park Festivals over a 15 year period.  With this many years under my belt of being a part of the Chaffee family, I have seen many changes in Rutland, in the Chaffee, and in the world.  But, what remains constant is the way the arts touch people.

One mother told us, “Honestly, I brought my son to the Chaffee on the suggestion of his mental health counselor who thought the art exhibits or class offerings might be helpful with redirecting him, and what an impact our visit had!  He’s now more determined and focused than ever on getting his own art work on display at the Chaffee’s next student exhibit and wants to take painting classes.” 

We know there are many vulnerable people in our region, many who could benefit from connection to the arts.   We’ve seen evidence of success:  a young child, nervous because he was new to the Saturday art class, connected with the art and told staff he couldn’t wait to come back: a teen with ADHD was able to concentrate throughout the entire mandala stone painting class (a real surprise to her mother); and a young woman, suffering from anorexia and depression first alone, who now brings friends to the Chaffee to visit, to sit, to belong.

This is our inspiration!  There is so much we can do together to bring about great things.  I believe the future looks bright, and am so excited for the future of the Chaffee Art Center!

A few additions in the works: 
Showcase student art year round on dedicated walls of the Chaffee.  Works will be rotated to allow more opportunities for young aspiring artists to be seen at the Chaffee.  LAUNCHED JULY 19, 2019!
A café experience so visitors and the community can explore the arts and the Chaffee mansion at their own leisure, use the wifi, and meet friends.  There will be wonderful teas and drip coffees, plus some delectable treats.
Changes to the swoosh signage to reflect multi color logo.
Improvements to both the outside and the inside of the Chaffee and grounds…CHECK OUT THE GARDENS!

In closing, I would like to thank those that have recently left the board:  Rob Henrichon, Deb Lindholm, Paolo Zancanaro, and outgoing president Dimitri Ampatiellos.  They all have a deep affection for the Chaffee and the Rutland Region, and have given their time to make the Chaffee and the community a better place for the future of the arts.

Looking forward to a dynamic future,
Sherri Birkheimer Rooker, Executive Director
Chaffee Art Center, Your Center for Creativity