Illustration – Comic Superheroes

Artist Mark Horwedel lead our group of teen and tween campers through steps and techniques to creating their own comic book superheroes.

Pirates & Merpeople

Pirates & Merpeople

The summer of 2016, Chaffee took to the high seas for Pirates & Merpeople.  Delving into design and imaginary play, campers created their own pirate or merperson costumes while creating their other ocean themed arts and crafts.  Take a glimpse of all the work the 

Architecture Camp 2016

Chaffee had another successful architecture camp for ages 8 – 12.  Campers learned some basic architecture elements and how to read and creat floor plans before designing their own.  Starting out with their own floor plan and elevation drawings, the campers then took the week 

Photography Camp 2016

The Chaffee was pleased to host our photography camp.  Our campers explored the fundamentals of photography and elements of photo editing.  Although they got to many of the photos and projects home, the campers also created slideshows of their work which highlighted what they learned