Artist Talk: Chuck Close and Duane Hanson

Artist Talk: Chuck Close and Duane Hanson

Wed, Sept 27th (6–7:30pm)
Light refreshments
$10 Donation per person appreciated to benefit the Chaffee.

‘Self Portrait’, (2004–05) by Chuck Close

Chuck Close (1940–2021)
An America painter and photographer who achieved fame as a photo realist through his massive scale portraits which were amazing!

Though a catastrophe spinal artery collapse in 1988 left him severely paralyzed, he continued to paint and produce a fabulous new style which remains sought after by museums & collectors.

We invite you to come see his work. You will not be disappointed!

Children Playing Games by Duane Hanson

Duane Hanson (1925-1996)
His haunting life-like sculptures will shock and surprise you. He created works unparalleled in their power to hold our attention, fool our eyes, confound our sense of reality, and shake our sensibilities. Using photo realism, he comments on social and political ills within American Society.

Stephen Gansl who worked with Hanson will discuss the process he used and share some pieces he created. A Not-to-be-missed lecture!

$10 Donation per person appreciated to benefit the Chaffee.

About Sydelle Gansl: An educator for 38 years, she has won many art awards including NYC Art Teacher of the Year. Having traveled throughout the world learning about different cultures, she shared that information through various art
programs. Sydelle lectured in Killington for 10 years on Art History, as well as other states/countries. She was invited to India, Pakistan and Thailand to lecture, and created an art exchange program with India. Also a jewelry designer, Sydelle donates her profits to non-profit organizations. For 25 years, she volunteered in the shelter system in NYC donating large sums of money as well as time teaching skills. She has been involved with Killington’s shelter, donating services and funding, and still donates Christmas gifts for the women there. Sydelle is involved with the Chaffee Art Center and donates her jewelry profits.