Chaffee Art Center for Creative Learning

Chaffee Art Center for Creative Learning

We are exploring beginning the Chaffee Art Center for Creative Learning to offer a creative learning experience to those who prefer an alternative to public school and/or traditional homeschooling.

The first step is: Pre-registration of students.
Deadline: August 30, 2022

The second step is: Review the number of pre-registered students to determine if this is financially feasible.
At which time, all will be notified.

Based on interest, we will determine if a September start is feasible… If it is not feasible, we will look at beginning in January

Please contact:
Sherri Birkheimer Rooker, Executive Director
Chaffee Art Center…Your Center for Creativity
802.775.0356 / cell 802.353-6605
16 South Main Street, Rutland, VT 05701

To offer a creative learning experience to those who
prefer an alternative to public school and/or traditional homeschooling.
The Chaffee Art Center Executive Director will be the main contact and oversee the Center for Creative Learning.  There will be a contracted teacher who will help develop curriculum, prepare lesson plans, provide assessment of student learning, and other tasks as needed.  There will also be guest artists and collaborators that will be integrated into the curriculum to give students a perspective from their point of view.
Include (but not limited to) foundational subjects such as science, math, humanities, literature/communications, emotional and social learning, integrated though collaborative projects with a focus on the arts (music, visual arts, theater and more), nature, horticulture, yoga, languages, and culinary experiences.
Examples for creative learning:
• Many will feature guest artists and/or speakers.
Ex: Bird identification with the Audubon Society, Historic architecture and walking tour/Historical Society visit,
• Writing with an author(s), creating a mural with an artist, cooking with a local chef, hands on experience with Chaffee Gallery Shoppe and Café, to name a few. 

Note: Caregivers who are interested in being a guest presenter to offer their experience and skills to students, should reach out to the Chaffee Executive Director.

School year: 
Tuesday, September 6, 2022 to June 14, 2023.
We follow the Rutland City Schools vacation and holidays.
A complete calendar will be given upon enrollment.
School hours: 
Start time is 8:30am with 3:15pm dismissal.
Fee Structure: 
Full time — $7000 per student
[Note: We offer those at $7000 fee a 10% discount for 2nd full time student, as well as 10% for each additional]
Sliding Scale — We also offer a Sliding Scale with the range of $4500 to $7000 per student that requires a Financial Aid worksheet (attached) to be completed and submitted to Chaffee.
Part time – A student can sign up for 1 or more units per week if not wanting to be full time. 
1 unit per week (Monday through Friday) available at $125 per week

Chaffee Community Collaborative (CCC):
A Chaffee Community Collaborative (similar to a PTC or PTO) will meet regularly. The group will be made up of Caregivers and family members of students. There may be other
members as well, who would offer guidance in certain areas, such as retired teachers and local experts in their fields.

Families or caregivers responsible for providing:

  • Student Snacks
  • Student Lunch
  • Transport to and from school
  • Volunteering as needed
  • Transportation when needed