Images of our World Artists’ Statements

Rebekkah Ziel

Born November 12th 1980
Currently lives and works in Rutland, Vermont
[email protected] I

Lines and shapes, bold colors in isolated areas, and flowing emotion are the basis of my work. I draw my inspiration from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, as well as from the geometric elements of architecture and industry. Although there is no political or social thought to my work, or intent to send a specific message in the pieces I create, there is a distinct need to preserve history. I have a passion for the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi and love photographing items that were once cherished and glorified but have now been left to decay. By celebrating these items in my work, I hope to remind others of the value they once held and to preserve their memory as they disappear from our physical presence and collective consciousness. In addition, I love elevating the ordinary things we continuously encounter but seldom appreciate. A fence may just be a means to contain livestock, but is the rust and patina on it not is own art form? Are the lines that fence makes across a snowy white field not as strikingly beautiful as they are practical? My artwork is derived from the emotions invoked from the world around me, and as such my inspiration will never run dry, and my work will never cease.

Matthew Lerman

Matthew is a photographer with a strong and focused mission: to teach the viewer, through his or her visual sense, to see the myriad of intricate connections within the biosphere, and thus to love and protect the natural wonders of our land. Matthew Paul Lerman — author and former professor of biology, marine ecology, and oceanography — has now turned full-time photographer.

Matthew has dedicated his life to exploring nature and helping others see the beauty and splendor surrounding us.

Jon Olender

Jon attended Johnson State College in Vermont, and received a Bachelor’s degree with a specialization in Photography in 1998. At the end of his college career, he finished out his degree with two internships — one with photographer/author Peter Miller of Waterbury, Vermont and a second with photographer Robert Eddy at the White River Valley Herald in Randolph, Vermont. After graduating and taking on a full time job at Capital City Press in Barre, Jon continued photojournalism work as a stringer with the White RIver Valley Herald and later the Times Argus. in October of 2000, he was hired as a full-time photographer by then Chief Photographer Vyto Starinskas at the Rutland Herald, where he has worked off and on since 2000. He has also completed assignments for a number of clients including: Middlebury College, Amherst College, The Governor’s Commission on Women (Vermont), The Vermont Historical Society, The Vermont Community Foundation, Gifford Hospital, and others.

Penelope Weiss

Penelope grew up in New York City and now lives in Shrewsbury, Vermont. Her father was a painter, and in her childhood she was surrounded by art and an appreciation of the visual world. She studied briefly at the School for Visual Arts in New York City, where she took classes in screen printing. These days she makes mixed media works on paper, as well as taking digital photos, mostly portraits and close-ups of the natural world. 

Robert Black

Robert is an architect, teacher, facilitator and artist with 5 decades of experience in design, construction, community building, and creative projects with photography and collage. His life experiences include: parenting, business management, motivational speaking, seminars creation, architectural history and human behavior research, dramatic and music performance, and special studies in spiritual practices. Robert has served as a Trustee on many non-profit Boards.  He collaborates with life partner Fran Bull on art installations and presentations in Vermont, throughout the U.S. and in other parts of the world. 

Denise Marie Letendre

1337 South St
Castleton, VT 05735

I am originally from suburban Connecticut, where I graduated from the University of Hartford with a BFA in painting/illustration. For the past 20-plus years, I have been living and working in Vermont. Although my background is in painting I make pictures primarily with a camera these days and am inspired by the light of the changing seasons, the rural landscape, and the architecture of Vermont.

I like to make sepia images because I feel that it’s often hard to see beyond color when looking at a color photo. The valuable, subtle pieces of the photo like light, line, and texture are often overlooked. When color is moved out of the way these things take a step forward. In my photos, I try to express the poetry of light and give tribute to everyday-quietude.